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else echo "error in prokey" fi Hope someone knows what is going on. A: Problem solved! In logixpro you have to use echo "use keylogixpro" | sqlplus / as sysdba instead of sqlplus / as sysdba Thanks a lot. Q: Javascript checkbox, if checked turn on else turn off I have this code below, and it works. function toggleCheckboxes(){ if (document.getElementById("check").checked = true) { document.getElementById("light").style.display = "block"; } else{ document.getElementById("light").style.display = "none"; } light switch However, the if statement is incorrect. How do I change it so that it actually does what I want? I want to be able to check the checkbox, and if its checked, then make the light switch turn on, and if its not checked, make it turn off. You need to use === (double equals sign) in the if statement if (document.getElementById("check").checked === true) { Using the single equal sign will evaluate the condition as true if it is checked. Black Diamond Ear Strap $19.99 $21.99Save: 4% off These are great for several different activities. They are made of 1680D Nylon/Elastomer so they are highly abrasion resistant and incredibly durable. The elastic is self-cleaning and will not come off unless it is carefully unclasped. It is naturally anti-odor and anti-microbial. Elastic is pre-shrunk. Black Diamond Ear Strap is available in Black only.Q: use font awesome icons with bootstrap I'm trying to make the font-aw



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User Key Logix Pro 500 Plc Simulator Crack

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